By submitting this form you agree to and understand:


  • the terms and conditions relating to this activity as described by the Enfield EBP
  • that the school/college will be required to pay the charges towards the cost of delivering this activity, as described in the EBP WRL Programmes brochure
  • that a cancellation charge of the full amount will be made if a confirmed booking is cancelled within 6 weeks (excluding school/college holidays) of the start of the activity (bookings are confirmed when a contract is signed as described below).


On receipt of the completed booking form a representative of Enfield EBP will contact the person named above to discuss details.  


Once those discussions have been completed, two copies of the contract for this work-related learning/enterprise activity will be sent and should be signed and returned to Enfield EBP as soon as possible to confirm the booking.  


If a contract for work-related learning/enterprise activity has already been signed with the school/college for the period in question, an addendum to this contract will be sent.

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