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Work Related Learning/Enterprise Workshop Programme

negotiation skillsThe WRL / Enterprise Workshop Programme offers a range of workshop activities that are available as stand-alone workshops:

See the list below for details of the 'Enterprise for Work Carousel' Programme and the Workshops that are available by special request. Please note, the workshop choices listed may change according to availability or new workshops being developed.

‘Enterprise for Work Carousel’ Programme

The Enfield EBP ‘Enterprise for Work Carousel’ Programme is a customised programme that combines various activities into a programme of up to 1-day’s duration to meet identified learning objectives. The Carousel can be created by:

  • selecting workshops from those listed above
  • selecting the workshops described below
  • selecting workshops from either of these groups
  • selecting workshops from either of these groups together with a presentation from motivational speaker

Workshops Available by Special Request

A further range of additional workshops can be arranged as part of your customised Enterprise at Work Carousel Programme or as stand-alone activities to help meet any specific requirements your school may have. A short summary is given below. Please note that schools / colleges wishing to book these workshops should notify the EBP at the earliest opportunity in order to ensure their availability.

Customer Service Skills Workshop

Students will develop skills for good customer service by recognising what makes good customer service, why it is important, and how to develop and maintain it. Students will develop and present their own customer service charter across a range of sectors.

Market Research Workshop

Students will develop an understanding of the importance of market research, including how to conduct research using qualitative and quantitative methods. Students will develop questionnaires in teams before interviewing other students and presenting their findings.

Negotiation Skills Workshop

Students will develop knowledge and skills for negotiating in a variety of contexts. Students will learn what negotiation is about, Game theory, turning conflict into co-operation, the four stages of negotiation (preparation, discussion, proposals and bargaining) as well as closing the negotiation. Students will work in small interactive groups to practise their negotiation skills.

Rights in the Workplace Workshop

Students will be guided through the range of issues faced in employment (e.g. bargaining, trade union support, health & safety etc), and will be shown techniques on how to negotiate on these issues.

NB Enfield EBP is also able to offer workshops on a various other topics including: ‘Health & Safety in the Workplace’ and ‘Personal Finance Skills’. These workshops may change according to availability or new workshops being developed.

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